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Mountain biking for pleasure

It's pure emotion. It's digging into your last energy reserves just before the summit. It's - just insane when you get to the top with the panorama of the Alps around you and you look into the valley.  Right down there is the lake! Crystal clear. But before your dip in the icy waters lets you forget all your efforts - you have to stop off in one of the many mountain pasture hut bars and mountain inns.



The Gesäuse National Park Alpine Region

A National Park and a nature park await you here. That alone is almost enough to guarantee a successful holiday. The Alpine region around the Gesäuse and Eisenwurzen... [more]


The region at the heart of Austria is also known as the "5-star landscape". Mountains, crystal clear lakes and fantastic routes along the River Salza, to culinary peaks on the... [more]

Region Graz

Graz is more than the state capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Austria's epicurean capital and European City of Culture... [more]

Pohorje Cycling Route

Explore Pohorje by bike and discover the wonders of intact nature and Pohorje's sights from Church of St. Bolfenk on Maribor side to the bottom of Kremžarjev vrh in Koroška on the other... [more]


The countryside in northeastern Styria is full of gentle hills. It offers you a completely newly conceived touring network up to almost 1,800 metres. Whether you prefer... [more]

Bike Park Pohorje

For those who love the adrenaline rush and would at the same time like to know how well they can manage a bike in Maribor we have the solution: Specialized Bike Park Pohorje!5 different... [more]

Schladming-Dachstein & Ramsau

The countryside between Dachstein and the Schladminger Tauern offers real joy for the biker's heart. From idyllic leisurely routes to spiky up and downhill stages. The... [more]