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Category: Naturjuwele

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European Blue roller area, Stainz bei Straden

The Southeastern Styrian Hills have a unique wealth of unspoilt habitats. Species-rich deciduous forests with woodruff and wood-rush, oak-hornbeam forests and alluvial forests with Black alder and ash, and unspoilt meadows characterise this landscape. Streams babble in the numerous valleys of these hills. It is no wonder that this is a hot-spot of species diversity: the Black stork, Eurasian eagle owl and the Red-backed shrike are some of the unique birds. Italian Crested newts and Yellow-bellied toads frolic in the lakes and ponds. And because spring begins so early here, Dogtooth violets, Spring snowflakes and crocuses bloom beside the streams and in the forests as early as March. However, the pride of the entire region is the European Blue roller. 15 breeding pairs of "Blohkrah" as the locals lovingly call them, arrive every year in the summer half-year. They breed and raise their young here.


This is the only appearance they make in Austria and beyond. The head of the European conservation area, Bernd Wieser, does everything he can to maintain this diversity. And he likes to show off "his" natural treasures - don't forget to bring your binoculars!


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