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Category: Naturjuwele

Brandner Primeval Forest

The Stoderzinken is very popular as a scenic peak and is regularly visited as an excursion destination. The fact that a natural jewel lies dormant on its northwestern slope, however, is only known to a few.


It is rustic even at the start of the trail, which leads over the Stoderalm: the cows and the sound of their bells on the mountain pasture is perfectly in tune with nature. Around midsummer, most of the Hairy Alpenrose are in full bloom and present their striking pink flowers to you and the numerous insects.


At the Brünnerhütte (Brünner Hut) the trail leads west. Over a hundred metres, the vegetation changes from mountain pasture to mountain pine and Alpenrose, to light spruce and larch forest - and you have reached the Brandner Urwald.


The tall, slim spruces and larches are undoubtedly far older than 150 years and clearly show us the hard environmental conditions in this mountain location. The herbaceous and shrub layer is lush: Wood stitchwort, bilberry, Purple lettuce and Hard shield fern are just a few plants that vie for the light under the crowns of the conifers.


The animal kingdom is also well represented: woodpeckers can be easily recognised by their tapping, the European nutcracker is much more shy, and the Black and Wood grouse and are particularly rare. The Golden eagle, which finds ideal living conditions here in one of the most remote corners of Styria, circles constantly in the sky.


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