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Category: Naturjuwele

Črno jezero on the Pohorje

The Pohorje holds so many natural jewels: the Črno jezero is one of them.


From the Osankarica-Hütte (Osankarica Hut) the trail leads through a mystical beech forest, which suddenly changes to a spruce forest.


The numerous lichen on the trunks and branches make for a mystical atmosphere and show that fog often drifts through here. The floor is damp and allows almost only moss to grow. It becomes increasingly marshier underfoot and suddenly, there it is - the Črno jezero:  You are almost tempted to say "black, blacker, black lake", such is the escalation of the Črno jezero ("Black Lake") into blackness. But it is no wonder, as it is a moor lake. The water is acidic and brown in colour, as you can see at the gurgling outflow of the lake.


Around the southern and western banks a moor has formed with numerous species of moor moss, cottongrass and deergrass. Horsetail and pondweed stand in the water.