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The Mala Nedelja Loop: Prlekija route


Mala Nedelja (Mala Nedelja Bio-thermal Spa) – Bodislavci – Mezgovci – Senčak – Sakušak – Zagorci – Grabšinci –  Sovjak – Brezje (Blaguš Lake) – Svetu Jurij ob Ščavnici – Jamna – Terbegovci – Stara Gora – Bučkovci – Sitarovci – Radoslavci – Kuršinci – Mala Nedelja


On the right bank of the Mura River lies a land of simple and magical beauty, soft hills and valleys. The Prlekija Route is pleasantly dynamic and less demanding for cyclists. You can check out the beautiful view from Mala Nedelja from a lovely little church, where an ancient Slavic temple once stood. You can opt to visit the beautiful Blaguš Lake (Slovene: Blaguško jezero) and discover the paths where the legendary Sv. Juri (St. George) once rode... This dynamic but still easy-going route is suitable for all cycling enthusiasts - even for families.




We pass through the lovely Mala nedelja, with many streams, bends and vast views along the way. We continue towards the municipality of Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici; here, you can visit Stara Gora, which has a quaint wooden windmill and the Blaguš Lake, which is a very inviting place to stop for a rest.
You can also go a little way off the route and treat yourself to a bit of pampering at the Terme 3000 Spa in Moravske Toplice and take a dip in the healing waters.






Mala nedelja is a lovely place filled with streams, curves and vast views. The place is named after the Holy Trinity Church (Slovene: cerkev Sv. Trojice), which was built in the 9th century on the foundations of a Slavic pagan temple. In good weather with clear skies, the view from here stretches all the way to Razkrižje, Lendavske hills, Muraszombat, Goričko work Prekmurje and Pohorje.
Some interesting sites are two older mills that are still in operation – one is the Voršič mill at the Mlinščica stream (Slovene: mlin Voršičevih na Mlinšici) and the other is the Žnidarič mill in the village of Precetinci (Slovene: mlin Žnidaričev na Precetincih).




The legend of Saint George (Slovene: Sveti Jurij) is a story of a true hero – a knight from Cappadocia. The legend is based on ancient pagan tradition associated with the coming of spring. He is depicted as a young knight in shining armour, on a white horse, with a shield and spear.


BLAGUŠ LAKE - Rest and refreshment


The Blaguš Lake (Slovene: Blaguško jezero) is a popular tourist destination because it is a magically tranquil place, but at the same time overflowing with life - at the lake and in it. You might want to get off the bike for a while and take a dip, or at least enjoy a short lakeside retreat. Excursionists in need of information can get help from the lake guardians, members of local fishing families.




Edvard Kocbek (1904 - 1981), a Slovenian poet, essayist, writer and politician, was born in Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici. Bratko Kref (1905 – 1996), a Slovenian playwright, writer and literary critic, spent his youth here.


From Radenci or from Gornja Radgona, you can turn to go in the direction of the Mala Nedelja thermal spa. In Bučkovci, a beautiful view of rolling fields and a mighty forest will unfold in front of you


Advanced cyclists can opt to take the Knight’s Path (Slovene: Viteška pot) and continue all the way until they reach the River Drava cycling trail or River Mura cycling trail.


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