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Category: Naturjuwele

Donnersbach Gorge

The waters can still thunder between the Donnersbachwald and Donnersbach: the Donnersbach ("Donner" is "thunder" in German) forces its way through the prehistoric rock of the Wölzer Tauern for around one and a half kilometres. The waters repeatedly plunge over steep sections and flow around the large boulders - a roaring adventure.


The narrow trail leads elegantly into the gorge and crosses the stream with a wooden bridge. Particularly on hot summer's days this is a soothing chance to cool off. There are plenty of opportunities for children and adults who love the water to get in, collect caddisfly larvae from under the rocks or simply give into the noise. It is not only the walkway that is boldly built into the land. Numerous spruces, beeches, ashes and elms have found a particularly exposed place to grow tall on the many almost vertical cliffs. There they attempt to brave wind and weather.


Ostrich fern, Annual Honesty and Goatsbeard grow in the undergrowth and directly on the edge of the stream - it must have looked very similar in prehistoric times


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