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Category: Naturjuwele

© Steiermark Tourismus; Foto: Reinhard Lamm

Edelweiss Meadows at Trenchtling, Hochschwab

Right in the southwest of the Hochschwab Massif is the Trenchtlingstock. It is best to approach it from the "Hiaslegg" saddle, next to the inn of the same name. The trail leads through spruce forests; after one and a half hours' uphill march you exit the forest: first into mountain pines, then onto the mountain pastures of the Roßboden and Edelweißboden.


The name is an omen - at the end of June there are countless Edelweiss here in full bloom. The embodiment of Alpine bloom leaves you to wonder and further Alpine plants make for a sea of flowers: Pedicularis rostratocapitata gleams in purple-red, the kidney vetch in yellow, and the five different species of Nigritella from pale pink to dark red. And those who wish to scale a peak can climb further to the Hochturm, on which plants have established themselves to colonise clefts. You also regularly encounter Alpine ibex here. They are not at all shy and will let you get within a few meters - then it is quite scary.


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