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Category: Naturjuwele

Fischbach Lake

The Fischbach streams through a large continuous area of forest between Burgau im Lafnitztal and Blumau in der Steiermark. It flows in the direction of Lafnitz. The stream has been artificially dammed several times. In the southern part, in the middle of the Galgenwald ("Gallows Forest" - previously a barbarous place of execution - lies the Fischerbachteich. Those who get this far and have a little luck, can concentrate in complete seclusion on the charming sights, sounds and smells of the Eastern Styrian countryside in this idyllic location. The natural sump area in the lake inlet, a fen wood dominated by Green alder, is worth mentioning. It is home to the Large marsh grasshopper, which is endangered in Austria.


The pond itself is teeming with dragonflies, water striders and other animals. The hard-shelled fruit of the Water chestnut, a rare hydrophyte, are bizarre. They have 2 or 4 sharp thorns. If you keep still, you can see a wide range of birds here, such as the Tufted duck, Little grebe and the Black stork. You can observe nature comfortably from the forest trail that surrounds a large part of the lake.


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