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Category: Cycling for pleasure

Golden chalice path - The Dolinska Loop

Lendava/Lendva – Trimlini – Petišovci – Benice – Pince-Marof – Pince – Dolina pri Lendavi – Čentiba – Lendavske Gorice – Lendava/Lendva – Dolga Vas – Mostje – Genterovci – Kamovci – Dobrovnik/Dobronak – Turnišče – Nedelica – Brezovica – Velika Polana – Mala Polana – Lendava/Lendva


The shiny golden chalice glows in the eyes of travellers that stop to visit the church of St. Catherine (Slovenian: cerkev svete Katarine). But the beautiful natural surroundings of Lendava and a bike ride along the Mura River are worth more than gold. Whoever is not so attracted by the beauty of nature or interested in viewing historical sites can leisurely carry on along the wine road of green land and golden sun.  Due to its planar nature, safety, low traffic and numerous possibilities for stops and additional activities, the landscape is also suitable for families.


“Travellers who come to our landscape..., take the time to gaze upon the beauty which is needed to ease the soul, which has been preserved in frescoes since antiquity... where you will discover some minor detail everywhere you look, a piece of beauty that will accompany you on your distant journey”. (Miško Kranjec)


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