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Category: Naturjuwele

Holy Ghost Gorge, Southern Styria

The Heiliggeistklamm, south of Leutschach, ends directly on the Slovenian border at the little church of Sveti Duh (Holy Ghost). Until this point the trail is difficult - it leads constantly uphill, over slippery stones, and sometimes you must climb over small rocks - but the atmosphere in this wildly romantic gorge is unique.


Even when entering the gorge you can feel in your bones that the conditions are special here. It is cool, shady and damp. Typical gorge forest vegetation has established itself. Mosses and Hart's-tongue fern are particularly noticeable. And everything is characterised by water: small and large waterfalls are a joy to the eye. Several protected butterflies live here: the Jersey Tiger, Scarce fritillary, and Marsh fritillary. But be careful: watch out for the large number of Fire salamanders!


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