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Category: Naturjuwele

© Steiermark Tourismus; Foto:Meyer


During its course, the River Feistritz channels its way between Anger and Kaibling though a narrow valley, in which the Herberstein Gorge lies. The starting point is Herberstein Palace.


The way leads straight down to the Feistritz. First it leads through meadows towards the source of the Feistritz - the palace, imposingly mounted on the cliffs, catches the eye. Then it becomes narrower and darker; the path leads into the gorge forest. The scene is increasingly characterised by old ash, beech and elm trees and the Feistritz babbles along beside you. Dippers fly shyly away.


Those who wish to go deeper into the forest can discover peculiarities of the insect world: This is the only place in Styria that the Great Capricorn Beetle is found. Stag and Hermit beetles can be found here too. The Eurasian Eagle Owl is also at home in the unspoilt forests. Likewise, the Lesser Horseshoe Bat ranges over the Herberstein Gorge on its hunts. The plant world is not short of attractions: the primula daonensis spreads its pink petals in the cliffs. Places bristling with such specialities may call themselves part of the Natura 2000 area!


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