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Category: Naturjuwele

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A geological peculiarity lies hidden in the foothills of the Koralm between Wernersdorf and Wiel: the Hohlfelsen.


A narrow path leads from the starting point through wild scrub into the forest and you suddenly find yourself standing in front of the entrance: a natural stone gate. Behind it a mystical world of stone opens up: With its round, smoothed, rifty shapes, the Hohlfelsen protrudes 50 metres from the surrounding terrain - embedded in a forest and overgrown with ancient, warped beech and spruce trees. The most spectacular thing is the rock: eclogite. This is the only place this rock is found in Styria. The next deposit is on the Carinthian Saualm, which belongs to the Koralm geologically. To find more eclogite, you have to visit another continent; either Asia or America. If that's not a rarity, then what is?


And why is the rock called the Hohlfelsen? Because "Felsen" means rock in German and the land belongs to a family of farmers with the surname Hohl.


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