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Category: Themed routes

The Bistriški Vintgar Gorge

The picturesque gorge of the Bistrica stream.

The trail begins by the waterworks in Zgornja Bistrica and continues along the crystal-clear Bistrica stream, which rushes and roars over the obstacles in its course. Past the Roman quarry, the Šum waterfall and the abandoned watermills and sawmills, we come to Močnik, where the path along the gorge ends. From here we can follow the trail markers through the forest as far as Trije Kralji (another 1.5 hrs) or make our way back by the same route. We can also return through the little village of Urh, past the ancient settlement of Ančnikovo Gradišče in Jurišna Vas, and then on towards Veliko Tinje and Visole, from where a path leads us towards Slovenska Bistrica.


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