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Category: pleasure

Ptuj Cultural Path

Ptuj's cultural journey starts in front of Terme Ptuj and leads to the Ivan Potrc's library in the center of Ptuj. Past the Solar Park, under the castle hill, turn left onto a narrow path that leads towards the Drava River (people from Vicava call it path of grandmothers an grandfathers). In a nice shadow near water we walk to the end of the path, which turns right to the main road to Oresje. We carefully cross the road and ascend by Vida Aliceva street to the top of the ridge on the intersection with Klepova street and turn left on it.


When we reach the last houses we arrive in the woods, than we descend along cart track to Sovretova Street, which ascend right in the forest. By the last older house on the ridge on the left, turn right into the small forest, we reach the asphalt road to the houses in Krcevina pri Ptuju and continue right to Stuki. In the valley on the left side we meet arm of small Grajena stream, the other arm runs near Potrceva home in Stuki, which is reached when we cross the main road Ptuj-Grajena. On the house is memorial plate to the writer Ivan Potrc, which was built in 2001. From this house we continue along the main road, past the interesting chapel, which was set by Vurberg’s Countess in gratitude for a happy recovery after a disaster. Proceed to the second street, turn right along the road towards Mestni vrh. Under the vineyards we turn left into the woods. In the front yard of the older farm stands some preserved old fruit trees. We come to the Cross, which was built by neighbors in memory on happy return from war, cross the road and go past agro tourism Lacko.


After ten minutes of walk we arrive to the birthplace of dr. Matija Murko in Drstelja. The road continues back to Ptuj over Elsbacher stok. Descend the road to the intersection of five routes. We turn on the second right way, and go towards Elsbacher’s chapel, turn left between the vineyards and get to the edge of the forest. Continue along the path between vineyards and the edge of the forest, then passes through to the lower road on the left. The main road leads to a School center Ptuj. Before School centre Ptuj turn right and cross Grajena stream. We come to Maistrova steet and walk by it till parking space under the castle. Than we go back by the same route to the starting point.


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