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Category: Naturjuwele

Lemperkar Lake, Schladminger Tauern

The Sölktäler Nature Park has plenty of water, something that becomes clear to you on the hike to the hidden Lemparkarsee: From the Breitlahnhütte (Breitlahn Hut) it goes up along the Schwarzenseebach via the Schwarzensee and the twelve waterfalls of the Putzentalkar.


The lake could hardly offer more in the way of seclusion - if we ignore the calves. They are looked after by mountain pasture farmer Gottlieb Ladreiter from the Putzentalalm.


The lake lies on the Karschwelle and allows a view of the Schwarzensee and the Hochwildstelle. The vegetation is absolutely standard for a mountain in prehistoric rock: the Alpine meadows are characterised by the Alpenrose. Next to it grows a lush greensward and herbaceous layer with Wolf's Bane, matgrass, sesleria, Alpine bellflower, Dwarf primrose, .... Even around the edge of the lake, it is surrounded by water-tolerant plants, such as deergrass and cottongrass.


A rare, shy bird can also be found here, but seeing it requires keeping quiet and lots of luck, because it is perfectly adapted to its surroundings, in both winter and summer. In summer the Snow grouse is pied in many shades of brown, while in winter its plumage is snow-white. The chamois, which are almost always grazing on the surrounding mountain slopes, are much easier to see.


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