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Category: Naturjuwele

River Mur Floodplains at Mota

From Austria, the alluvial forest continues on Slovenian soil. At Mota, the "BioMura" Information Centre has been established for the extremely rare habitat of the floodplains. From here numerous trails lead deep into the alluvial forest.


The alluvial forest is characterised by a mishmash of trees. Multi-branched willows, elms, ashes and dominate the forest.


On the trails though the floodplain there are many distributaries of the Mur to cross. These are swarming with life: The Yellow-bellied toad and European mudminnow, as well as the bitterling and European weather loach are very happy in these muddy waters. The Asp, which can grow up to a metre long, and the Striped ruffe prefer the strong currents of the main river.


With a little luck and by keeping quiet, you can also come across a few rare birds: White storks, Collared flycatchers, Little bitterns and Spotted crakes are a few examples of these.


The area was incorporated into the European "Natura 2000" protection area network on the basis of these numerous rarities.


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