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Category: Naturjuwele

Narcissi Meadow, Blaa-Alm

North of Bad Aussee at just under 900 metres above sea level is the Blaa-Alm. Right next to the inn lies the Narzissenwiese, which transforms from a wet meadow into a sea of white flowers in the latter half of May every year.


But it is not only the Star narcissus that is widely regarded presenting Austria with a rarity. The entire meadow complex south of the inn is a valuable mosaic of unique habitats:  Wet meadows with meadowsweet and its pleasantly refreshing scent, Grey alder, Molinia fields with Purple moor grass and Devil's-bit, and a small upland moor with mountain pine, peat mosses, Round-leaved sundew, cottongrass and bilberry. This wealth of plantlife is also reflected in the insect world with butterflies, grasshoppers, bugs, etc.


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