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Category: Naturjuwele

Noth Gorge and Kraus Cave

The Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature Park is rich with unique geological phenomena. The Kraus Cave is without doubt one of them.


Entrance is via the Noth Gorge. Above the surging Gamsbach, the walkway appears to hover snugly against the vertical cliff faces. The trail winds its way back and forth over the flowing turquoise waters.


The Kraushöhle (Kraus Cave) comprises the Elysium, Haupthalle (Main Hall) and Kaisersalon (Emperor's Salon). These three rooms are connected via serpentine corridors. Dripstone and above all, sparkling, clear gypsum crystals adorn this cave. What is unique is its history: over thousands of years, this cave was formed from dissolving chalk by ascending sulphuric acids. The gypsum crystals were also caused by the effects of the acids. This explains the many round shapes


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