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Category: Naturjuwele

© Steiermark Tourismus; Foto: Reinhard Lamm

Pout po dolaj pa bregaj, Goričko

Man has let nature take its course along the former Iron Curtain. Today the border can be crossed and the European Green Belt connects the states of Slovenia and Hungary.


A circuit leads through unspoilt ecosystems between Budinci in Slovenia and Andovci in Hungary: beech forests with oak, hornbeam and sycamore, Illyrian oak-hornbeam, dry grasslands with numerous orchids and grazed orchards.


This mosaic of habitats provides a diverse world of flora and fauna: the Hoopoe, the Eurasian Scops owl and Wolf's-foot clubmoss.


The meadows should be highlighted because of their unique richness of species. You can still pick flowers for Mother's Day on the dry meadows with their tall oatgrass: Spreading bellflower, Bulbous buttercup, parsnip, and knautia race to grow. People and butterflies rejoice!