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Category: Cycling for pleasure

Cycling Route on Spodnje Podravje

The path follows Drava and Ptuj field, Slovenske gorice and Haloze. The path leads the cyclist both the hills and plains. Basis on the route is asphalted all the time. The path first leads through oldest Slovenian town Ptuj and continues to Slovenske gorice, which are decorated with trees, vineyards and vast grasslands. In the Slovenske gorice route is continuously changing with slight ups and downs all the way till Velika Nedelja from where you continue with the flat part of the journey. In the section till Velika Nedelja you can see the baroque castle in Dornava, Church in Polensak and castle in Velika Nedelja. The path then follows the road between endless fields. Through a series of small villages, most of them with beautiful church, you will arrive to Markovci and Ptuj Lake. Here you can pick a shortcut that leads you directly to Ptuj and starting point.


The path leads you through the bautifull nature park Sturmovci, where you can see rare bird species. In a little bigger village Videm you can take a break and rest while look at st. Vid’s church. After few kilometers road brings you to the green valley of Dravinja river where diverse path leads you to medium heavy ascent till Ptujska gora where you can see the most beautiful Gothic church in Slovenia. After descending the route continues along fields all the way till Terme Ptuj.


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