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Category: Naturjuwele

Ribniško jezero, Pohorje

From the Ribnica-Hütte (Ribnica Hut) in the western part of the Pohorje Mountains the trail leads via the Jezerski Gipfel to Ribniko jezero (Lake Ribinca).


Even at the peak of the Jezerski there is an unlimited view: in the northwest you can recognise the Koralm and the Speikkogel and in the south the view stretches as far as Boč and behind it, Croatia.


The lake itself lies in the middle of a depression approximately 15 minutes' walk below the peak. Somewhat hidden in the spruce forest is the little lake, which has had to concede a large part of its area to the constantly growing mountain pine upland moor.


The upland moor is dominated by mountain pines; in between, typical moor plants, such as peat moss, lingonberry and bilberry can be found. A dangerous plant also has its habitat here; it is carnivorous: the sundew. Only a few centimetres in size, it supplements its nutritional requirements by digesting insects.