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Category: River cycling trails

River Enns Cycling Trail

The Enns and, in particular, the scenery that will accompany you for 265 kilometres over the several days of your ride have many faces: three states - Salzburg, Styria and Upper Austria - and three different landscapes. First it is the impressive mountain panorama that accompanies you while you cycle at a leisurely pace along the flat next to the Enns. Imposing torrents roar and summits beckon. Further on, the backdrop becomes more peaceful; small villages and gentle meadows accompany you along the way until you finally reach Steyr and Enns on the Danube. A connection to the River Danube Cycling Trail is possible here.


The Enns, which begins as a small stream and develops into a large, sometimes raging river over the duration of your ride, is itself exhilarating. Especially in the Gesäuse, Austria's newest national park, it fights almost spitefully against the high rock faces along the way.


However, culture does not fall short on the River Enns Cycling Trail. Quite the opposite: Visit historic Radstadt or experience the lively winter sports and world championship host region of Schladming. Trautenfels Castle and Admont Abbey also await your visit. The latter is home to the world's largest abbey library, collected over many centuries by the Benedictines. Visiting the Great Hall alone is a cultural pleasure of a special kind. And, of course, the old market town of Steyr and the oldest town in Upper Austria, Enns, also look forward to your visit.


With the exception of the Gesäuse section, there are very few climbs over the length of the River Enns Cycling Trail. A few climbs await you here, but you can get over them using public transport. Leisure is what defines all three main river cycling trails in the Green Heart of Austria!


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