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Category: Naturjuwele

Roßloch Gorge

Those who are looking for seclusion and adventure will find it in the Roßloch Gorge north of Mürzsteg in the Mürzer Oberland Nature Park. What is special is partly the gorge itself, which you cross without a path in the stream bed, and partly a unique kind of natural tourist facility.


A trail with stations for children and fun-loving adults leads through the gorge and the connecting trenches. Here young and old must prove their knowledge and skill as part of the game, in the end there is a death to discover! At the entrance to the gorge the powerful waters already provoke astonishment. Then it's through the gorge without getting your feet wet. The narrows of the short gorge and then the water-filled trenches with lots of dead wood and natural vegetation set the hearts of nature experts racing.


The marked hiking trails lead from the area of the safely back towards the starting point. The Roßloch Gorge offers wild romanticism and nature experiences for non-mainstream nature lovers.


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