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Category: Naturjuwele

Sulm Floodplains

To the west of the town of Leibnitz, at the foot of Seggau Castle, the Laßnitz and Sulm rivers converge. With the merging of the remaining floodplains with alluvial forests and meadows with copses, the natural and cultural landscape blends to form an area with rich flora and fauna. The area is protected under both Austrian and European law; it is also a recreational area with a high value for people looking for relaxation and a wealth of nature. You can see kingfishers at the water's edge.


The otter is a constant guest, but you hardly ever see its face. Other zoological peculiarities are the Red-backed shrike, the Collared flycatcher, the Italian Crested newt, the Stag beetle, the Dusky Large Blue and Ophiogomphus cecilia, a dragonfly.


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