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Category: Naturjuwele

Šumik, Pohorje

The Pohorje Mountains south of the Drau Valley are the largest low mountain range in Slovenia. Črni vrh, which means the "Black Peak", is the highest peak at 1543 m. It is a gentle, densely forested mountain with a wealth of nature. The large high moorlands with several lakes are a precious treasure. These were created by the hard and impermeable volcanic rock. A network of hiking and cycling trails invites you to explore. As well as the moorlands, there are small groups of trees similar to primeval forests and gorges with natural pools that will set nature-lovers' hearts racing. The waterfalls and forests in the umik Nature Conservation Area are worth seeing.  It is west of Maribor and is a landscape now very rarely seen in Central Europe. Ancient firs, sycamores, Wych elms and Copper beeches stand close together - some of them fall and create new life: numerous mushrooms and mosses colonise the dead trunks and new life germinates nearby with beech seedlings. The Lobnica roars through the rocky Drau Gorge and goes over two waterfalls: the Veliki (36 m) and the Mali umik (2 x 9 m). The climb leads along the gorge and through mossy rocks; the precarious passages, which are secured with ropes, are sometimes a little exposed.