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Category: Cycling for pleasure

Thermal spa cycling trail / Eurovelo 9

Towns, wine, pumpkin seed oil and hot springs. The EuroVelo 9 cycling trail is a European long-distance cycling network and, at over 1,930 km, links the Polish Baltic coast with the Croatian Adriatic. It leads right through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe: from Danzig straight through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia to Pula in Croatia.


The completed section from Brünn/Brno in the Czech Republic to Marburg/Maribor is a truly leisurely ride through wine regions, from thermal spa to thermal spa, through the city of Vienna and Styria, as far as Maribor in Slovenia. The bike ride goes past vineyards, through historic towns and past pumpkin and maize fields. From Vienna to Bad Radkersburg it is exactly the same as the Thermal Spa Cycling Trail. After this, the EuroVelo 9 goes along a section of the renowned River Mur Cycling Trail and at Spielfeld, branches off south towards Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia.


As well as the numerous cultural sights you will also find the cycling trail is also a real trip into paradise: wine specialities in wine taverns, the famous pumpkin seed oil, must and chestnuts in autumn, and much more wait to be tested. The beneficial hot springs of the thermal spas await you along the way to relax your tired legs, too.


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