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Long hikes & treks

Mountain pastures, peaceful lakes, roaring waters, seven nature parks and a national park. Styria is a natural paradise. An unforgettable experience between glaciers and the vine. What the Dachstein, the Gesäuse, the Hochschwab and the Stuhleck are to mountain enthusiasts, are for bon viveurs, the countryside of dark green forests and romantic vineyards, which, like our treks, reach as far as our neighbours in Slovenia. And one thing is always true: without hiking there is no pleasure, without pleasure there is no hiking.

New countryside and new people; step after step, mile after mile. Trekking is pure nature.




Borderland Panoramic Trail

The Borderland Panoramic Trail forms the main vein of the trail network in the south between Styria and Slovenia. It is also part of the International Hiking Trail... [more]

Koralm Crystal Trail

The peak trail with a mountain of over 2000 metres and many notable features leads you along the border between Styria and Carinthia. The trail runs mainly over mountain pastures with... [more]

Gesäuse Mountain Hut Trail

An approximately 5-day trek, which is good to divide up between several holidays, through the Gesäuse, Austria's newest national park.  Its sobriquet... [more]

Via Natura

"Learn to read nature" is the guiding principle behind the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park, which inducts you into nature's secrets. Names, types, phenomena... [more]

Via Alpina

341 day stages 5000 kilometres - the Via Alpina leads through all eight Alpine countries (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France and... [more]

Hiking Trail Slovenske Gorice

The trail follows the lively landscape of Srednje Slovenske Gorice and partially the Dravsko and Ptujsko polje leading you through the rich natural and cultural heritage.... [more]

Dachstein Tauern Panoramic Trail 100

There is only one description for this trek: pure hiking pleasure. This trail leads 116 kilometres along the left and right banks of the River Enns at a height of between... [more]

Haloze Mountain Trail

The trail rises from valleys to tops appropriate for observation, where we can take a glance at the rolling hilly landscape. On the first part of the trail we encounter... [more]

Zirbitzkogel circuit

Two days through the most beautiful countryside of the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park. Something to look forward to. This hike particularly impresses with its richly contrasting... [more]

Dachstein Circuit Hiking Trail

You will be taking on the highest peak in Styria, the 2,995 m high and mighty Dachstein, with its mountain worlds, pastures and cultural highlights. You will need... [more]

Schladminger Tauern Peak Trail

You can look forward to a classic "hut to hut" hike on a peak trail through the Alps. About 300 mountain lakes await you and some peaks will call out: the... [more]


Your path leads from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Semmeringbahn and the surrounding countryside or from Fischbach in Peter Rosegger's Waldheimat (Forest Home) up to the edge of the... [more]

Over Pohorje to Koroška

The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the oldest and most diverse connecting mountain trail in Slovenia. The trail is 500 kilometres long and leads from Maribor all the way to the Slovenian coast... [more]